1. First draw a pencil line on a piece of chromatography paper
  2. Then place a spot of the concentrate dye mixture on the base line
  3. Then put some spots of some pure dyes that you think the mixture might contain another colours on the same line as well
  4. The chromatography paper is put in a jar with the solvent
  5. Make sure that the solvent level is below the level of the spot otherwisw the dye will wash off into the solvent
  6. As the solvent moves up the paper, the dyes in the mixture separate from each other


  • Observe and explain the result from your pratical and drawing the procedure (the apparatus) !


Is used to obtain a crystalline solid from a solution

SAFETY: Lab coat and safety glasses to be worn at all times  and care to be taken when handling hot objects.


  1. Weight out  55 gram of Copper Sulphate
  2. Disolve with 100 ml of water
  3. Find the mass of crucible by itself.
  4. Find the mass of the crucible and copper sulphate
  5. Heat until powder become dark blue and reach the crystallisation point
  6. You can tell  when this is by placing a drop of solution onto a cold tile from time to time (if crystals form quickly the crystallisation point has been reached)
  7.  Let the concentrate solution cooling down
  8. Weight it out and and do the filtration process
  9. Leave for a few days to crystallise

Question :

  • Draw the apparatus were use  and calculate the crystals was form
  • Do the analysis

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